July 4, 2016


How do I enroll my child?

Please call the school at 707.644.5066 to see if there is a wait list. Please see the article Steps to Enrolling Your Child at New Horizons a Montessori School.

There are two documents that will further guide you through the application process. The first is the Child & Family Handbook and the second is NHMS Application Package.

Note that you do not need to schedule a tour in order to enroll your child; the tour is simply for your benefit.

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How do I schedule a tour?

Go to our Schedule a Tour page or call us at 707.644.5066.

During the tour take the time to learn about our school and get any questions you have answered by our wonderful staff. Feel free to bring your child with you to get to know the school, students, and staff!

Please note that scheduled appointments are preferred over walk-ins due to the nature school schedule and the availability of staff. Walk-ins are still welcome to look around but may not have available staff to answer your questions fully, guide you through the rooms, and discuss our programs with you.

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What is the cost of tuition?

Tuition and Pricing page.

Please note that we do accept subsidies from Solano Family & Children’s Services.
Additionally, we have a Sibling Discount. For more information please check our Tuition and Pricing page.

Also, note that prices are subject to change but will be given a thirty-day notice.

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What are your forms of payment?

As of now we only accept Check, Direct Deposit, or Cash.

We are working on ways to provide you with more payment options.

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What is a typical day like?

Please check our Typical Day Schedule.

Please note that the schedule is subject to change.

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What type of discipline do you use?

We use timeout according to the students’ age. According to licensing if the child were 3 years old, the child would be in time out for 3 minutes.

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Are all staff qualified teachers?

Yes, all of our staff members have units in Early Childhood Education (ECE) and/or a Bachelor’s Degree in Science Education and/or units in a Montessori Program that allow them to be hired as teaching staff.

Additionally, all staff members are CPR certified every two years and are trained in Health and Safety from the school. Moreover, all staff members have gone through a background check.

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Do you accept testimonials or reviews?

Yes, we do accept testimonials on our website and reviews on Yelp.

“Let us Help, before you Yelp”. We ask that you allow us the opportunity to correct any errors that we may have made prior to your review.

Moreover we have a Facebook page, Google + page, and Twitter where you can share your beautiful images or reviews with other followers.

Additionally, we have an appreciation board where we put cards and greetings collected from parents and families over the years who have taken the time to share their thoughts about our small business.

Please be aware that all reviews made on our social media may be used for our publicity purposes.

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Do you have a gallery?

Yes, please visit our Gallery Page, Flickr, or  Facebook pages to view pictures of the school.

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Where can I get more information?

Please check our Child & Family Handbook for more information.

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My question is not answered here, who can I ask?

Please call us at 707.644.5066. Please note that calling the school directly will help you get your questions answered faster! You may email us at nhms1984@gmail to get your questions answered or you can also Message Us Here!

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