August 4, 2016

Our Program

New Horizons a Montessori School welcomes children who are 2-6 years old to be enrolled in the Pre-School Program.

Our Program

Our curriculum provides flexibility in order to respect each child’s level of development while fostering independence, enhancing creativity along with encouraging problem-solving. Through repeated experiences, the child will build a sense of self-esteem; with the confidence that leads the way to further success and motivation for learning. The children work in a Montessori environment and are encouraged to as questions in order to satisfy and foster their curiosity.


The Preschool Program at New Horizons a Montessori School nurtures the needs of children ages 2-6 years. The classroom environment is rich and inviting to the children, it offers an array of independent or group exploration activities that are carefully prepared environments with materials specifically designed for their unique interest and abilities. The Preschool Program emphasizes the concept that experience and exploration of materials in the classroom build an essential foundation for learning. Children will have the opportunity to work hands-on in the different areas of study namely:

  • Practical Life, Sensorial, Language, Geography & Culture, Math, Science, Art, and Music.
  • A variety of outside activities to enhance and develop children’s socialization, problem-solving, and gross motor skills.

→Preschool: Half Day 9-12:30P OR Full Day 6:30-6P for either 5, 4, or 3 days a week. See Preschool Pricing.


As teachers we:

  • Prepare the most natural and life supporting environment for the child
  • Observe the child freely in this environment
  • Continually adapt the environment in order for the child to fulfill his or her greatest potential physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually