June 29, 2016

Our Mission, Our Vision

Our Mission

Our mission at New Horizons a Montessori School is to see that your child has a safe place to grow, experience, and explore their ever-changing environment. The activities we provide will help develop a positive self-concept within each child. Thus building a foundation of a positive attitude towards learning, the environment, people, and the changing world around them.

Our Vision

Our vision at New Horizons a Montessori School is to be the top choice for your child’s Preschool education.

Our Style

  • Montessori Education emphasizes learning not just by listening, watching, and reading, but rather the utilization of all five senses.
  • The children are engaged in individual or group activities of their choice with materials that have been introduced to them one-on-one by an educator.
  • Learning is an exciting process of discovery thus leading to concentration, motivation, independence, self-discipline, and a love of learning.